If Guster and the Violent Femmes got together to record some Ben Folds Five covers, you'd have something resembling a vague approximation of the awe-inspiring alternative indie pop-rock folky funk je ne sais quoi that is the almighty Smock. Clawing their way out of the depths of the scenic outlying Rochester, NY 'burbs, this Quintessential Quartet sweeps the people off their feet with driving acoustic melodies, full of catchy hooks and oddball attitude. Priding themselves on having a good time as well as churning out quality music, the boys put on an engaging, energetic, ebullient expose of entertainment, sure to delight even the most tortured emo kid. So if you're in the mood for an alternative to the alternative featuring four fellows who know how to play their instruments and aren't afraid to do so, then it's physically impossible to get any better than Smock.

P.S. Having now heard Guster cover and play with the Violent Femmes, and seen them play Ben Folds and Ben Folds 5 songs with Ben Folds, it has been realized that, in the strictest sense, we do NOT sound like any literal combination of any of the 3 per se. But since a better description of us has yet to be formulated, you're just going to have to mosey on over to the sounds page and judge for yourself.

Smock is:

Dan Bell: Lead Vocals, Guitar Adam Donnelly: Bass in Yo' Face
Pete Johnson: Lead Acoustic Guitar Ed Klingenberger: Hits Things

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