* 'L Gallery is in 'L Order D'Vaguely Chronological

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It's a mural of some sort What the previous picture is suppose to look like On stage at Mansfield University Sean from Gonculator about to play 10 Seconds to Decide
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Dan in his own personal bathroom Behold. Adam, portrayed as wackier than perhaps he would like to be You should always listen to your superior officers.
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A Smock background made by our big (literally and figuratively) fan, Grant Merkel

Rockin' the Penny Arcade for the first and hopefully last time, as our entire street team looks on Now you can stare on in awe as Pete dawdles across this poorly constructed animated GIF The super-official Smock Publicity Photo, taken at Steel Music Hall
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Hamell on Trial, Pete wearing girl glasses. Separated at birth? Dan, back from the former US, back from the former US, back from the former USSR A staredown to the death, between Pete and worthy opponent, Justin Rister Ed and Dan make beautiful music together at Brockport's Java Junction, during one of their regular Thursday night open mics.
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Having been kicked out of the band, Adam scrounges in the dumpster, searching for the pieces of his shattered former life. Nearly everyone we know, mugging for Smock out in the cold of Barrett Place, the alley next to Java's Ed, Nora, Carly, and Pete imitate the Grateful Dead bears at the Daily Perks Tuesday open mic. Pete sees no evil, Maria hears no evil, and Ed is nauseated by evil.
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Shake harder, boy! Ed and our Street Team facially express their appreciation for America's Pastime...or maybe it was a bad chilidog... Zap Dan-nigan and his wingless fairy bride This is the face Fry makes when he is forced to travel back 1000 years just to play bass on Halloween
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The King of Town rocks out between bouts of eating and being pathetic