A SHOW! BOULDER, THURS. NOV. 15th 7-10pm


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If you like Smock, and remember, they like you, then you should drop by Boulder Coffee's regular Open Mic, every Wednesday starting promptly at 8 pm. Get there early to sign up! It's located out on the corner of Alexander and Clinton in the scenic South Wedge, in the heart or possibly pancreas of Rochester. Tell your friends!

Sine Hour Guessed Book

Musical Celebrities Who've Been Given Smock CDs:


Steve Tyrell

Hamell on Trial

Christine Lavin

John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls

Dr. Demento

Radio Free Wease

The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players


Outrageous Cherry

Drew Danburry

Ben Lee

Gin Blossoms

Kilbrannan (R.I.P.)
Ben Folds

Dar Williams

Marshall Crenshaw

Kaki King

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Stop the Presses!:


They might still have copies of our ol' EP "FULL FIGURED PALS" at RECORD ARCHIVE and THE MUSIC STORE in Webster. Go help get rid of them.

*Frolnk: (phur-ohl-nk) n.

       1. A genre used to describe the music of Smock, derived from the genres of folk, rock, and funk.

       2. Complete nonsense.


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